Hey!!! Im Brandy Aniston, and I’m from Orange County CA.

I always get asked what nationality I am so here ya go, im Hungarian/Sicilian. Im a Libra my favorite color is black and purple and im obsessed with playing my wii and the sims for my pc =). Did i mention that i really enjoy SEX???? Well i do =) I love to perform and I love sex so I decided the best way I can combine my loves was to become a PORNSTAR!!!

I have always loved being naked and I have explored my sexual side since I was young. As a child and into my teens I was professional trained in dance. At the age of 18 I decided it would be fun and exciting to become a stripper…so i did =) I was a stripper for 5 years and met many feature dancing Porn Starlets. Each one of these Porn Stars telling me I needed to get involved in the adult industry. I was extremly hesitant but I entered into the adult biz and started performing in adult videos. I worked wth a few different agents and really didnt find an agency that fit my needs until I joined my current agency Big Love Talent they are like family to me and are really guiding my career in the right direction, I also have my amazing manager Josh who is an extremly talented director/publicist and manager. Last year I signed with A-List Features and began feature dancing all over the United States. This was very exciting for me as I love to dance and I get to be the headlining show at each club I feature at.

Being in front of the camera is natural to me. I am a free spirit and love to express myself however and wherever I want to =) I love performing gonzo porn…but I really enjoy the mainstream feature porn. This bussiness is enabling me to be myself and really show people who I am.

When I’m not busy being a sex vixen.. you may consider me very mellow, normal, and maybe a lil silly hehe =) I love video games, my chiuahua Tinkerbell, and yoga. Im also pretty obsessed with my iphone and the ap angry birds….O and how could I forget TWITTER LOL.

I could not be more excited for my website comming soon =) I hope you all enjoy my blog until my site launches. For now enjoy reading about all my lil adventures and be sure to sign up for my news letter to your right so that you can be the first to know about my website launch!

=) XO B